About Neovatic

Neovatic is founded by a passionate and energetic team with an ambition to partner with the customers and add value, there by create a difference. We are a fast growing team, with 120+ professionals that come with rich, global experience of working in diverse industries. We insist on working with highest integrity.

Our Vision

To become the most respected organization for the results we deliver as true partner, with the values we carry.

Our Mission

To be passionate on our work and deliver excellence, to create a positive impact to our customers’ business.

Why Neovatic?

Neovatic is the right partners of choice to the customers, because:

  • We are passionate not just to deliver but to add value to the customers
  • We are an energetic team of veterans, who are keen to bring our expertise to customers’ table
  • A rapidly growing team, that can scale to take challenging and bigger programs
  • Focused on our offerings
  • We look at the partners’ challenges, asks and needs. Our solutions are addressed to meet the customers’ asks
  • And finally, we are true partners to our customers and want to travel in their journey to success

Our Core Values

We ensure that all our employees carry the values and culture of our organization. Neovatic values are:

  • Demonstrate high level of Integrity
  • Earn Trust, by our deeds
  • Thrust for Innovation
  • Transparent in our acts and deliverables
  • Respect for every individual
  • Be Responsible towards our employees, customers and society